Huawei P50 Pro receives 5G connectivity through a special case

Rumors of a 5G case for Huawei P50 Pro are proving to be true, as a partner of the Chinese manufacturer, Soyealink, is launching such an accessory on the Chinese market. Basically, we are dealing with a case that protects the back of the Huawei flagship, which integrates a 5G compatible eSIM, which connects to the phone via the USB-C jack. The price of this case is quite “peppered”, but it offers a much desired upgrade for Huawei phone users, who are limited to 4G connectivity.

The Soyealink case adds 5G connectivity to the Huawei P50 Pro flagship

Since the beginning of US restrictions, Huawei has faced all sorts of problems. First, access was restricted to US software, such as Google services, and then to modern processor components and manufacturing processes. However, access to 5G modems was the last restriction applied to the company, its phones having to be equipped with still modern processors, such as Snapdragon 888, but without 5G. Those models are modified to provide access to 4G modems only.

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The Soyealink case for Huawei P50 Pro solves this problem. It enters the Chinese market at a price of 800 yuan, ie around 110-115 euros, and offers access to both sub-6GHz and NSA + SA networks. Inside, the case includes both the modem and a dual-core processor at 1.35 GHz, which justifies in a way the high price it comes on the market. The cover is only 3.2 mm thick and weighs 52 grams. Thus, it is not much more voluminous than an ordinary cover.

It seems that the software integration is well set up, the configuration being done right through the Huawei AI Life application, and the 5G signal appears in the status bar just like that of a dedicated card. This way, you won’t feel for a second that your phone is connected to the network through an external accessory. The USB port of the case is passthrough, so it can allow fast charging as long as the case is connected, but the transfer speed decreases to USB 2.0 speeds.

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source: GSM Arena

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