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Huawei allegedly had the ability to jam the US nuclear system


According to a new CNN article published over the weekend, US authorities investigated and concluded that Huawei may have had capabilities to disrupt the US nuclear missile launch system. This report was allegedly behind a program started a few years ago that forces telecom operators to drop Huawei equipment from their networks and replace it with some from other, Western manufacturers.

The FBI reportedly concluded that Huawei could jam US military communications

According to CNN, the FBI has had a long-term investigation into Huawei’s US operations. The Chinese company sold cheap equipment to small telecom operators in regions like Colorado, Montana, Nebraska and Oregon. These raised suspicions as these rural areas are in close proximity to US military bases in the US and would not have brought much financial benefit to the Chinese manufacturer.

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Following the investigation, the FBI concluded that Huawei would have the capabilities to jam military communications systems in the areas where its equipment was installed, including those of the US Strategic Command, the agency in charge of the US nuclear arsenal.

China also allegedly wanted to fund the construction of a pagoda in Washington DC at one of the city’s highest points. For the construction of this monument, China would bear all the costs, but would ask the US authorities that the materials and equipment used for the construction be delivered in containers of diplomatic value, which could not be checked by the US authorities when entering the country. This project was quickly cancelled by the US authorities. The US authorities probably sensed the risk of installing a jamming or interception system on local communications in the US capital.

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The CNN article also mentions several properties bought by the Chinese near major infrastructure sites.

However, CNN points out that it is difficult or impossible to prove that Huawei equipment installed in the US collected and/or sent data to the Beijing government. Of course, Chinese authorities and Huawei officials deny the allegations.