How tough is the Galaxy S23 Ultra if you drop it on the floor? Not much better than last year’s model

The Galaxy S23 Ultra has been revealed as a refined version of last year’s S22 Ultra. It’s a big, heavy phone, featuring a less curved screen than its predecessor, glass back and cameras with better protected lenses. According to Samsung, the new Gorilla Glas Victus 2 protection offers more protection, especially if you drop the new flagship directly onto cement. Unfortunately, the practical tests are not at all encouraging

Unlike the Galaxy S23 and S23+ alternatives, the S23 Ultra comes in a noticeably heavier casing and with the curved screen exposed on two sides. In addition, the casing with no rounded edges to redistribute shocks received from the side relies solely on the strength of the aluminium frame. Praised and criticised in equal measure for its minimalist appearance, the design that eliminates camera ornamentation has been improved by raising the metal ring applied to the individual lenses, which are thus much better protected.

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Another shortcoming is the way Samsung has chosen to maximize the space available for internal components by almost completely flattening the top and bottom of the phone. In addition to the fact that the “cut” bezel at right angles makes it somewhat awkward to handle the phone, the anodized painted finish scratches relatively easily, especially in the edge area.

Already the cause of nightmares for users who have owned high-end phones in the past, the curved-edge screen has also cracked this time from the first ‘face-down’ drop, with the experiment on YouTube channel PBKreviews showing that sliding the phone out of your trouser pocket can have extremely costly consequences.

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In the end, the main conclusion is that the purchase of a Galaxy S23 Ultra phone should necessarily be made in conjunction with a very good quality case, which unfortunately adds to the phone’s appreciable weight and size.

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