You can get a solar fountain for your garden for €19.99

Here comes the sun ... - and your new mini solar system for the garden pond or the fountain needs it!

“Here comes the sun …” – and that’s what your new mini solar system needs for the garden pond or the fountain!

With a balcony power plant you can generate your own electricity and save some money over the year. The motto is actually always “Think Big”, but sometimes it’s the little things that convince. You get it for your garden at Amazon the AISITIN solar fountain kit with a 33 percent discount – so it only costs €19.99 and can also be used as a pond pump!

Get a mini solar panel for the garden!

Solar fountain: small & suitable as a pump

The mini solar panel is just 180 x 120mm in size – so it spreads out in your garden oasis or the jungle on balconies. In addition, the location can be changed at any time. With eight different attachments and an extremely quiet motor the kit offers you all sorts of possible applications. Whether pump for pond and pool or decorative fountain.

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The solar fountain in detail:

  • Solar panel performance: 7V 2.5W
  • pump performance: 7V 1.0W
  • cable length: 3 Meter
  • Maximum flow rate: 190L/H
  • Minimum water depth: 2,5 cm
  • Maximum water level: 110 cm

You do something good for insects and birds: Solar energy is known to be sustainable and works without batteries. As a water trough, the solar fountain is suitable for various animals as a bird bath or aquarium. When it gets so sweltering hot again in summer, buzzing bees and birds are happy about fresh water. This is how you create a paradise for every Disney princess.

Become a Disney Princess with the Solar Fountain!

How does a solar fountain work?

The fountain for the garden or the water pump gets its energy for operation from a solar panelwhich converts solar energy into electrical energy. Just like with a large photovoltaic system. To make the solar fountain splash, you only have to do two things: place the pump in the water and find the perfect spot for the solar panel.

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Direct sunlight is the prerequisite for the function of your fountain. There is no rechargeable battery or battery to charge. To ensure that the water in the pond does not overflow, you use different nozzles to determine how much water is allowed to gush out.

Get a mini solar system for the garden!

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Get the solar kit with a 33% discount on Amazon!

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