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How to find out how many stars your Uber drivers gave you on your customer account


The rating system on Uber is the one that allows the system to work as well as possible, both drivers and customers with an aggregate “score” of all the ratings received over time. Previously, only drivers could see how many stars they received over time, but now customers can also see why their final score dropped after some races. Here’s how to check what ratings you received from Uber drivers on your customer account.

Uber now allows access to your entire customer account rating history

Recently, Uber opened a new section on its website called the Privacy Center. Here you can check various statistics about your account, you can ask the company to provide you with all the data they have about you as a download and you can even request the deletion of the account.

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However, the most important new capability offered by Privacy Center is the one related to the ratings of each user. Previously, you could only check the general rating on the Uber app, that “rating” of the account, which is an average of all ratings received. However, you could not see how many ratings each type received, in order to identify what pulled the average from the account.

Now, however, you can check “Rider ratings” and see how many 5, 4, 3, 2 or one star ratings you have received over time. All you have to do is access this link and sign in with your Uber account. Alternatively, if you want to check all the other statistics about the account, you can enter the Privacy Center, and from there you can navigate to the “Browser your data” menu and then to “View my ratings”. What Uber does not offer for drivers or customers is a link between ratings and racing.

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Over time, Uber will probably integrate these features into its mobile app, but for now, this information is only available on the official website.

source: Engadget

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