How to change your driving license in Romania: what do you do after your driver’s license has expired, what is the procedure

During the alert period, the validity period for a series of personal documents was automatically extended, including the driving license. If this is your case, it is worth noting that it will expire in a few days.

June 6, 2022 is the last time you can change your driver’s license if your pandemic has expired and has been automatically extended. The same goes for newsletters, for example. Now, however, we are discussing the driver’s license procedure.

How to change your driver’s license after it has expired

Law 55/2020 established the possibility to use the documents issued by the Romanian authorities even after their expiration during the entire alert period, plus 90 days. The practical deadline is June 6, 2022, next week.

As a procedure that you have to follow, we discuss two stages. First of all, it’s about getting a medical record, a document designed to prove your ability to drive a vehicle on public roads. The second stage is the submission of documents to the Directorate of Driving Permits and Vehicle Registration (DRPCIV).

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As for the medical certificate, it involves several checks, and the list of medical units across the country that are authorized in the medical specialties required to obtain a driver’s license, namely internal medicine, ophthalmology, ENT, neurology, psychiatry and orthopedics-traumatology, contains over 600 hospitals or clinics (state or private) and can be consulted here. Predictably, a fee must be paid. It is best to make a telephone appointment at that control so as not to waste too much time at the counters.

Regarding the actual documents that you have to submit to DRPCIV, after you have made an online appointment for this purpose, the list includes the original identity document, the original driving license in original and the proof of payment of the license issuance fee. driving license, in addition to the medical certificate mentioned above. The standard application for the release, which you fill in electronically at the DRPCIV counter, is also missing from the file.

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As a reference, the value of the fee for issuing the car license is 89 lei and can be paid online, through ghiș or internet banking (for the confirmation of the transaction a period of more than 24 hours is required), by bank transfer, by money order, in cash at the branches of some banks and at the vending machines for paying the invoices (they can be found in supermarkets, malls, etc.), according to

It is important to note that the following information must be entered on the payment document, according to DRPCIV: personal numerical code, name and surname of the person receiving the requested service, IBAN account, amount and type of document for which payment is made (some platforms automatically complete part of this data). The term for issuing a new driving license in Romania is between 5 and 15 days.

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