German government plans to limit heating to 19 degrees Celsius and turn off buildings at night

German Economics Minister Robert Habeck has announced an energy-saving proposal that includes limiting heating in public buildings to 19 degrees Celsius and night-time blackout of facilities, advertising elements and monuments.

“We will issue ordinances through the Energy Security Act,” said Habeck, in an interview to the newspaper ‘Süddeutsche Zeitung’ in which he has also raised the need for “more savings” in the labor sector.

His Ministry is already in contact with the Ministry of Labor and with the social partners to try to finalize measures that Habeck had already outlined in July, with the aim of progressively reducing dependence on fossil fuel supplies from Russia.

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Several European countries have undertaken initiatives of the same nature, after the European Commission recognized the need to save energy in view of the possibility of the situation worsening in the coming months, in which a complete cut in Russian gas supplies is not ruled out.

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