How do you build a Bat-Signal out of the world’s brightest flashlight?

The crime fighter with a penchant for fluttering: Can the TikToker throw the iconic Bat signal into the sky with a flashlight?  (Image: photo wallpaper Sarajevo from Pixabay)

The crime fighter with a penchant for fluttering: Can the TikToker throw the iconic Bat signal into the sky with a flashlight? (Image: photo wallpaper Sarajevo from Pixabay)

Send the Bat-Signal up into the sky with a flashlight? Is this possible? TikTok star Kyle Krueger asked himself this question – and had to accept fatal failures before a more promising method finally fell between his fingers.

Read below for Kyle’s bat-esque odyssey to making your own hand-made Bat-Signal that actually works.

Attempt 1: The world’s brightest flashlight

It all started with a request from a follower on Kyle’s TikTok account, who asked the busy tech nerd to send the Bat signal into the sky using what might be the world’s brightest flashlight.

We remember: The MS18 from manufacturer Imalent is no ordinary flashlight – because: It has 100,000 lumens of radiation power, or a range of almost 1.5 kilometers and costs 600 euros.

What Kyle now does with the high-power flashlight soon goes up in smoke. Kyle prints the bat signal onto paper with his printer, then attaches the iconic bat symbol to the light output of the MS18 power flashlight. The result: The bat goes up in smoke due to the heat generated by the 100,000 lumen radiance. Oh, and the Bat-Signal was nowhere to be seen either.

A first fail for the TikTok Tekkie. But giving up is a concept unfamiliar to a true Batman fanboy – and so Kyle grabs a spray can of Black 3.0.

Attempt 2: The blackest black in the world

Black 3.0 is no ordinary spray paint can. No, Black 3.0 is an acrylic paint with incredibly high light absorption. This means that the color absorbs an extremely large amount of light. Black 3.0 is hailed as the blackest black available to the average non-military citizen.

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So Kyle sprayed his paper Bat-Signal with this blacker-than-black paint – and glued the paper in the shape of a bat onto the light generator MS18 aka The brightest flashlight in world history.

So can Kyle finally paint the Bat-Signal on the clouds?

Kyle goes out, turns on the flashlight… and? Imalent’s MS18 shines mightily, the bat-signal on paper turns the flashlight back into a smoke machine, but the bat-signal is…not visible this time either.

Throw yourself in the dirt, kick your arms and legs and give up? Oh no! After all, Kyle has a Batman-tastic assignment – and that’s why he switches to perhaps the brightest flashlight to perhaps the most expensive flashlight: the AceBeam W50.

Attempt 3: The most expensive flashlight in the world

The AceBeam W50 light with a price tag of 2,300 euros is more than a flashlight – because: It is a laser flashlight! And, yes, the AceBeam’s 1,400 lumens can’t compete with the Imalent’s 100,000 lumens in terms of power, but the manufacturer promises an extremely long and extremely precise beam of light – and that with the heat development and Bat signal rising in smoke should match the AceBeam are a thing of the past.

The result of Kyle’s experiment: this time the Bat signal works. That is, almost. Somehow not. But somehow yes. What we see is a black area in the center of the light source. But there really isn’t a bat signal to be seen.

So has the dramaturgical low point of the self-made bat signal story been reached? Does Kyle throw in the towel and batarang, retrain as a landscape gardener, and chew poppies ’til the end of his life? No!

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Experiment 4: A 3D printer saves the Bat-Signal?

A 3D printer company takes on the starving Batman badass Kyle and provides him with a very special flashlight cap. This cap is 3D printed and shaped like the Bat-Signal.

Bruce Wayne is dancing the tango with joy, isn’t he?

Enough babbled. Capping the laser flashlight and stumbling out the front door, Kyle points the flashlight at the sky. And then Kyle, this master of suspense, starts a countdown.

Three: Will the experiment finally succeed – and will the sympathetic multi-millionaire next door flutter by in person?

Two: Why am I thinking about Joel Schumacher nipples now?

Like: Is Darkwing Duck the best Batman?

It starts!

And it glows! no smoke No sizzling Bat-Signal. No third fail. But: Now the ultimate nerd experiment has finally succeeded. With the help of the AceBeam laser flashlight, the 3D printer attachment with bat silhouette and the sheer will to take Batman to the skies, Kyle Krueger, this infernal hotshot, has succeeded: The Bat-Signal lights up the sky!

But see and marvel yourself:

Experiment 5: Inverted Bat signal

Postscript: The next step Kyle is taking is more cosmetic. The Bat signal from the TikTok video above lights up the wrong way, so to speak. I mean: Bat-Signal lights up, but it should be the other way around. The area around the Bat-Signal must light up – because the Bat-Signal itself follows the credo: Black is beautiful.

Ultimately, the inverted Bat-Signal is a friendly bonus from the resourceful Kyle Krueger, but we don’t want to withhold it from the Batman fans, whose capes have long been rattling with excitement. So click (and flick) below:

What do you think of Kyle’s forced march to finally get to homebrew Batsignal? Is this a luminary that eclipses Robert Batinson and Bat Affleck alike, or do the only real heroes wear ocher-mustard-colored uniforms and are called Melanie, Thorsten and Thomas – and work for the police? Feel free to write us in the comments who your favorite law enforcement officer is!

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