Escape the abyss in 2D action platform game Elypse – available now on Utomik – That’s Gaming

Publisher PID Games and developer Hot Chili Games today launch action-adventure 2D platform game Elypse! Players can now help Nyx and Fay escape from the Abyss on PC, Android devices and smart TVs via the Utomik app. This marks the first Day One release of Plug In Digital on, with Born of Bread later this year.

In the world of Elypse, a sacrifice must be made to the Abyss every ten years, and Fay drew the short straw. As far as we know, no one has ever survived the Abyss, but perhaps Fay is the first. After surviving in the darkness for ten years with faithful companion Nyx, there is a chance to escape. Develop your skills to jump, run and hack your way out of the depths as the agile and graceful Fay while surviving the traps and enemies that lurk in this beautiful, dangerous world.

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Players can now dive into Abyss via the Utomik app on PC, mobile devices and smart TVs. Elypse is the first of two Day One releases from publisher Plug In Digital on Born of Bread will also be available through the app in the third quarter of this year.

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