How do I know if it is covid or pharyngitis from air conditioning? Symptoms that will help you tell the difference

Experts catalog the explosion from contagions by coronavirus as the eighth wave. Largely triggered by the variants from omicronthese strains have among their symptoms the sore throatwhich was less usual in the above.

In the middle of a heat wave which is driving thermometers to 40 degrees, many are opting for use the air conditioning to better cope with the high temperatures. But the prolonged exposure to cold air you can derive at pharyngitis.

Different manifestations

The pharyngitis is the inflammation, irritation o infection of the pharynxthe rear area of the throat. The ailment goes accompanied from carraspera and even discomfort at swallow. It is more common in winter, but it can also happen at this time of the year due to continuous contact with cold air in homes, workplaces, supermarkets or shopping centers.

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As explained by Medical Writingthe World Health Organization (WHO) classifies the sore throat as a rare symptom from covid. In this case, starts very slight at the beginning and gradually worsens.

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