How to get the Best Brooms in Hogwarts Legacy and improve them?

Hogwarts Legacy is even more breathtaking when viewed from the skies on a majestic broom, and those who have experienced it can attest to this. So, what’s the secret to obtaining one or mastering the art of broomstick flying? Learn all about the top brooms in Hogwarts Legacy in this piece!

๐ŸŽฎ Game Hogwarts Legacy
๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ Items๐Ÿงน Flying brooms
๐Ÿ“ Subject๐Ÿ” Obtaining and upgrading the finest flying brooms
๐Ÿ“… Game Release Date๐Ÿ“… February 7, 2023

A standout feature of Hogwarts Legacy is its expansive open world, which players can explore through numerous story missions. Many gamers believe that a magical broom is the ultimate way to experience the astonishing universe of Harry Potter’s epic story. Regardless of whether you agree, there’s no denying the appeal of soaring through Hogwarts’ skies on an enchanted contraption like the series’ beloved protagonist.

However, acquiring a broom doesn’t happen instantly! Your adventure begins at a more leisurely pace, as you walk and run through the halls of the esteemed wizarding school. Your custom-created character starts their journey on foot, attending initial classes, including one on broomstick flying.

All you need to do is complete a few small challenges posed by the renowned Professor Kogawa, and you’re all set. On average, it takes just over 5 hours to reach this point in the game. Fortunately, your character will be joined by a companion named Everett, who will help you learn how to control the broomstick. Soon enough, you’ll be able to explore Hogwarts from the skies!

Soaring Through the Skies: Acquire Your Perfect Broom in Hogwarts Legacy

Get ready to take to the skies in Hogwarts Legacy! Acquiring a top-notch broom in the game is a breeze. To secure your very own flying broom, simply follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Spintwitches shop located in Hogsmeade
  2. Purchase your desired broom for 600 Galleons
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Keep in mind that the broom’s appearance doesn’t significantly impact its performance. If you have an old broom, consider selling it to generate funds that can be invested in other essential equipment as you progress through your Hogwarts Legacy adventure.

Is Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer? Although the game primarily focuses on a single-player experience, there may be opportunities for multiplayer experiences down the line. Stay tuned to the community for more updates!

Regarding platform availability, Hogwarts Legacy Switch and Hogwarts Legacy on PC are both available options. This ensures that players can enjoy the magical world of Hogwarts on their preferred gaming platform.

Enhancing Your Magical Broom: Tips and Tricks

Hogwarts Legacy brooms

In “Hogwarts Legacy,” players can upgrade their magical brooms by completing Imelda’s Trials, which offer key rewards for broom enhancement. Each successful trial completion grants an upgrade to be used in the Spintwitches shop for broom improvements.

Hogwarts Legacy Broom Upgrades:

Challenge LocationUpgrade RewardCost in Galleons
Cรดte du ColletAdvanced Boost7,500
  1. First Upgrade in Hogwarts: Players must visit the Quidditch pitch and meet Imelda Reyes to participate in this challenge. Utilize the bubbles to accelerate and increase speed for catching items. After completing the challenge, find Mr. Weeked at the Spintwitches shop to purchase the acceleration upgrade for your broom at the cost of 1,000 galleons.
  2. Second Upgrade in Irondale: To access this challenge, head to the southernmost part of Hogwarts and meet Imelda again. Win the organized race to earn the speed upgrade. Like before, visit Mr. Weekes in the Spintwitches shop to improve your broom with the speed upgrade for a cost of 4,000 galleons.
  3. Third Upgrade at Collet Coast: For the third and final challenge, players can acquire an advanced boost upgrade for their broom. After completing Imelda’s last trial, visit Mr. Weekes in the Spintwitches shop and purchase the upgrade for 7,500 galleons.
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As you progress through Hogwarts Legacy gameplay, following these tips will help you enhance your magical broom and become more efficient in your adventures. Be sure to keep an eye out for Hogwarts Legacy reviews and the Hogwarts Legacy Deluxe Edition for PC to enhance your gaming experience.

An extensive selection of brooms awaits you:

In Hogwarts Legacy, you can choose from 5 unique colors to personalize your broom, but that’s just the beginning. Besides the standard enhancements and modifications, there are additional methods to acquire a truly distinctive broom. Throughout the journey, you can purchase more exclusive and creative brooms. We’ve identified 13 distinct brooms to expand your collection, which include:

Broom NameCostLocation/Seller
Silver Arrow BroomSold by Arn after the Vanished Chariots quest in Campolard-en-bas
Aeromancer’s Broom3,000 coinsAvailable from traveling merchant Rohan Prakash at Grottaleau Lake
Ancient Family Broom2,500 coinsFound in Northern Southsea Swamp
Aerial Scythe Broom5,000 coinsEast of North Ford Leopold Babcocke’s swamp

Moreover, some brooms can be unlocked by completing the balloon challenge. As you pop more balloons, you’ll gradually gain access to new brooms. A few of the initial brooms you can win are:

  1. Night Dancer Broomstick – Acquired after two sets of popped balloons
  2. Illico Presto Broom – Acquired after five sets of popped balloons
  3. Blazing Broom – Acquired after ten sets of popped balloons
  4. Broom Scuffs – Acquired after fifteen sets of popped balloons

In conclusion, Hogwarts Legacy offers a thrilling and immersive experience, made even more magical by the wide array of brooms available for players to collect and upgrade. With a vast selection of brooms to discover, personalized customization options, and unique challenges to unlock even more brooms, you’ll be soaring through the skies in style in no time! So, grab your broomstick and sail away!

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