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Trust Gaming expands its product line with a new, affordable and eco-friendly headset. The GXT 498 Forta is their latest PS5 licensed headset for gamers.

As I mentioned before, judging a headset is always subjective and as an accessory it should be judged not only on sound and microphone quality, but also on price and what’s in the box. The box contains a 3.5mm cable, a separate microphone and the headset, all very simply packaged. As you probably already know, Trust is committed to producing accessories with a good amount of recycled plastic and limited packaging. With the Forta, more than three-quarters of the headset is made of recycled plastic, making it a very sustainable product.

Headset Trust GXT 498 Forta As soon as you take the Forta out of the box, it almost looks like an official PlayStation product. The design is clean, recognizable with nice curves and a much appreciated sobriety. The Forta is all black with a gray PlayStation logo on the sides, but the model is also available in white (I’m not going to reignite the discussion about the color of the PS5, but I’m #TeamBlack).

The top of the headset has Trust’s text logo printed in the headband, similar to the Thian. The headset has a neat look, with no extravagant elements, which is a big plus for me. The headband is pretty sturdy with a fairly thick cushion around it, so it doesn’t press or pinch the top of your head. The headset is very light, with just under 250 grams on the scale. The cushions that cover the ears are leather on the outside.

Lightweight and comfortable to wear, we do of course have the feeling of plastic not found in more expensive headsets, but the Trust Forta essentially offers exactly what is expected: good quality for a very reasonable price.

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In terms of headphones, the Forta is equipped with 50 mm speakers, providing powerful sound. Despite its aggressive price, the Forta offers a very clear and complete sound with good bass. The headphones’ stereo and 3D audio work well together for ambient noise.

The distribution of bass, midrange and treble was also a pleasant surprise. The Forta need not be inferior to more expensive headphones, and my only regret is that it is wired, which makes its use more diverse, such as when watching a movie (but it works fine when watching a series on your tablet, for example). In terms of music, the headphones can return powerful bass and thus sound much more spacious than the average gaming headset and I was reasonably satisfied. Sound isolation is more limited, however, so the headphones lose a bit of sound.

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The microphone is obviously not top quality considering the price of the Forta, but the quality is still surprisingly good. The sound is clear, loud and there is no crackling or distortion at normal volume.

The Trust GXT 498 Forta is an excellent headset at a very affordable price intended for all consumers, kids and gamers who want a useful and enjoyable headset without spending more than necessary.

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