Here’s why Redditors are planning a protest on June 12 -.

Generating revenue with a social media platform seems to be all the rage these days, thanks to Musk and his army of Twitter Blue subscribers. However, Reddit’s approach to making a little more money has proven far more controversial than paying for a checkmark.

Instead, Reddit now charges third-party app developers for using its API, something that was previously free. Now it can cost up to $20 million a year for some developers to maintain their programs.

This is obviously a lot of money, and it’s seen as Reddit trying to shut down third-party apps. And so Redditors are planning a protest blackout on June 12 in which users will not use the platform for an extended period of time. Some have even said they will never return to Reddit unless the problem is fixed.

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We’ll have to see next week if this protest can have any impact on Reddit. What do you think of the blackout? Are you participating?

This is why Redditors are planning a protest on June 12

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