Harley Davidson is investing head on: how well electric bikes sell

As part of its annual financial reporting, Harley-Davidson has revealed that the LiveWire brand, which it launched in 2019 with an electric motorcycle of the same name, earned $ 41.3 million in electric bicycle sales for children in 2019. 2020 and the first three quarters of 2021.

With a clear push for electric mobility, Harley-Davidson also has a derivative electric bike called the Serial 1. Importantly, the Serial 1 is a serious business, not a brand licensing exercise, with the bikes showing a distinct Harley design style and power from to Brose engines.

Launched at UK dealerships in September / October 2021, the range of 4 bikes offers a maximum of 250 W with a range of up to 170 km. In short, everything you would expect from an electric bike from a leading cycling brand.

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The switch to electric mobility is something that Harley-Davidson is uniquely well placed to do – the story of brands begins in 1903, with the founders installing engines in bicycle frames.

Harley Davidson market leader

Electric motorcycle revenue in the first nine months of 2021 fell to $ 5.4 million, down from $ 25 million in 2020, as the company dropped deliveries and increased sales promotions to eliminate the dealer network. LiveWires brand HD.

During the 33-month period covered in the securities files, Harley’s Livewire wholesale deliveries total 1,942 units, with 62% of these shipments to the US.

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Also, sales figures from other electric motorcycle companies are not often disclosed. Zero Motorcycles is a private company and does not issue financial reports like other companies. Although Harley Davidson reveals financial reports, the details of each vehicle sale were not known.

However, one financial statement stated that Harley-Davidson referred to LiveWire as “the best-selling electric motorcycle in the United States.”

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