With the new 3D LED electric fireplaces you decorate your home in style, but at surprisingly low costs (P)

With the new models of electric fireplaces, now you have the opportunity to experience on your skin, the idyllic atmosphere dominated by comfort, style and privacy, even in the middle of your living room in the block!

Professionals in the field of unconventional thermal solutions turn our dreams into reality, introducing us to a concept of electric decorative fireplace – an alternative to the classic wood fireplace, with which you can enjoy authentic moments, but without the stress caused by difficult installation or high acquisition and maintenance costs.

Although, compared to a classic fireplace, they are much more affordable, the electric models do not deviate from the premium quality and offer special sensations, which manage to give personality and elegance to your home. Benefiting from the latest technologies available from world-renowned manufacturers, the 3D electric fireplace can be purchased at incredibly low prices, which is primarily due to the elimination of financial effort and typical expenses for connecting a classic fireplace hearth. In addition, the installation of the electric fireplace is extremely easy, and can be easily done by anyone with minimal technical knowledge.

What is even more attractive about an electric fireplace is the consumption that is kept to a limited extent, given that it works with only a small part of the electricity served to the home. Basically, in the mode with the heat off, the consumption will be as low as that of an economical LED bulb! Next, we have prepared some models found at the niche manufacturers on the market of thermal and decorative solutions, which we liked very much and which we recommend to you:

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White models are the fireplaces that fit into any modern home, providing enough light and generous compatibility to the combinations of furniture and general decor. Consumption is reduced to about 4-10W, the equivalent of a single economical light bulb.

Wenge model proposes a more sober color, addressed to homes with rustic tendencies, but which keep a contemporary line. Models with this shade of color are perfect for arranging cottages or holiday homes in the middle of nature.

Personally, we remain faithful to black, this elegant non-color that marks the classic and the timeless. Black electric fireplaces they are also preferred by most customers, black remaining the most chosen shade for a 3D electric fireplace due to its simplicity and diversity in terms of accessorizing and decorating the home. In short, black goes with anything!

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But a decorative fireplace can also be chosen based on practical advantages, so the built-in ones naturally become the preferred types of fake fireplaces as they allow their easy placement according to the customer’s taste in light and simple constructions.

Another special model is electric stone fireplace. It will give authenticity and style to any room decorated in rustic and traditional trends. The design of such a fireplace is special, easily transforming it into the main attraction of the space where it will be located.

But don’t take our word for it and search for yourself on the online marketplace that offers a wide range of decorative electric fireplaces, suitable for a chic house or apartment block, but also many other models of classic wood, gas or fireplaces. pellet fireplace models with different sizes, from compact fireplaces to larger fireplaces, framed with portal or covered with different decorative materials.

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