Hailey Bieber claims that birth control pills and covid caused her stroke

haley bieber has given more details of cerebral microinfarction suffered on March 10. The model25, explained in broad strokes what had happened to him in Instagram three days later. Instead, this Thursday he posted a video on Youtube and Instagram where he states that he suffered the ictus by a combination of risk factor’s: The mixture of contraceptive pillsthe covid and a long flight back and forth to Paris. In addition to explaining how she lived through those hours, he has also claimed she had to go through operating room to remedy a heart problemwhich was the cause of stroke.

His face “dropped”

“I have made this video because I want to tell the story in my own words,” the model announces before going into detail. Baldwin felt something “something funny” in her right arm that morning of March 10, when she had breakfast with her husband, the singer Justin Bieber.

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Within seconds, half of his face was paralyzed and his fingers were numb, he says in the video. “The right side of my face began to fall off. I didn’t get a single sentence out,” she recalled. “I thought I was having a heart attack“, he added, while acknowledging that anxiety about those symptoms made things worse.

congenital heart problem

The couple went to a hospital palm springs quickly. There, the ‘influencer’ could speak and her mobility had returned to normal. However, the medical studies later at UCLA hospital revealed that the microinfarction was caused by a heart problem.

Specifically, he suffered from patent foramen ovale syndromean orifice in it heart which usually closes after birth. On the other hand, in his case it was where the clot that caused the stroke from which he is recovering in Record time. Even so, she had to undergo surgery to correct the problem.

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The pills in question

Regarding that the contraceptive pills are a possible cause of the stroke, Hailey Bieber has said, “I started taking them and I never should have, because I’m a person who gets migraines anyway.” And she has warned her followers: “Make sure you tell your doctor if you take them because having a stroke is a potential side effect of the pills to prevent pregnancy.”

good recovery

“I am recovering very well and very quickly,” said the model in the video, which has detailed that thanks to medical treatment she no longer has symptoms. But Hailey is still scared because of what she happened to her.

“I feel really relieved that we were able to solve everything, that we were able to close it, that I will be able to overcome this really scary situation and just live my life,” she said, sitting in her room in front of the camera.

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