Grand jury indicts Salman Rushdie stabbing suspect

Defendant says he is “shocked” he failed to kill writer

A New York grand jury has indicted the suspect arrested for stabbing writer Salman Rushdie last week during a public event, who from jail has confessed to being “surprised” that the author of ‘Satanic Verses’ is still alive.

The prosecution and the defense lawyer of the detainee, Hadi Matar, have confirmed the indictment of the 24-year-old. On Saturday, he pleaded not guilty and this Thursday has again denied before the judge the charges of attempted murder and assault, for which he could be sentenced to penalties of up to 25 and seven years in prison, according to CNN.

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Rushdie remains hospitalized but is gradually recovering from the injuries he suffered and is already talking to investigators. His attacker, meanwhile, has spoken from a jail in Chautauqua County with the ‘New York Post’, to say among other things that he did not expect the writer to come out alive.

Matar has stated that he went to Rushdie’s event after the writer himself announced his presence on social networks. “He is someone who attacked Islam,” he has criticized, although without confirming that he acted moved by Iran’s ‘fatwa’ calling for his assassination.

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“I respect the ayatollah (of Iran). I think he is a great person. That’s all I can say,” he has limited himself to answering.

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