GoTech World: More than 70 IT&Digital companies participate in the largest event in the region

More than 70 companies will be present with exclusive product and service premieres at the 11th edition of GoTech World, the largest IT&digital business event in Central and Eastern Europe. It takes place at Romexpo, Pavilion B1, on 3 and 4 November.

GoTech World 2022 consists of two components: the conference part and the exhibition area.

On the 11 stages, Main Stage, E-Business & Digital Marketing, Retail & E-Commerce, IT Ops, Cybersecurity, Java, DevOps, .NET, UX/UI, Smart City and Business Transformation, conferences will be held by the world’s leading speakers, innovators, influencers, experts and entrepreneurs in the globally recognised IT & Digital fields.

The Exhibition Area brings together the most important IT companies, web developers and online communication agencies, suppliers and major users in the field who will present their projects, solutions and products in the stands set up on-site (Pavilion B1, Romexpo).

Leading international companies at GoTech World

The international organisation for public-private cooperation, the World Economic Forum (WEF), based in Cologny (Geneva/Switzerland), is coming to GoTech World. It will be represented by
Adela Cioroiu, Strategic Intelligence Lead at the organisation, who will take to the Main Stage as a speaker on the second day of the event, 4 November.

The WEF is well known for its annual meeting in Davos, attended by heads of state and other leaders from business, government, international organisations, academia, civil society, media, youth and artists.

The WEF aims to bring together stakeholders from all sectors of society to create a better future and generate high impact through purpose-driven communities and platforms and to shape the global agenda.

Another notable presence at GoTech World days, a first for the event, is the Booking Holdings Center of Excellence.
Booking Holdings UK is a Center of Excellence that provides access to highly skilled technology specialists to support projects based on new and emerging technologies using industry best practices, as well as to promote collaboration opportunities between all Booking Holdings brands, including, Priceline, Agoda, KAYAK, OpenTable and

The latest IT & Digital solutions at GoTech World 2022

Both event partners and companies exhibiting in the exhibition area only are offering a variety of tech products and services aimed at the business, government and local and international business communities.

The main partner of the 11th edition of GoTech World, Orange Business Services, will share at the event its vast experience as a company and as a digitisation partner for the public and private sector. The company has an extensive portfolio of smart city, cloud and cybersecurity solutions, six data centres in Romania, as well as a dual experience as an operator and integrator of IT&C solutions.

Cybersecurity in the spotlight

Romania’s leading manufacturer and developer of cryptographic and trust solutions compliant with eIDAS Regulation requirements, certSIGN is present at GoTech World as a CyberSecurity Scene Partner. At the same time, the company will present a series of solutions created entirely in Romania and specifically designed for the specific needs of the business environment and for facilitating relations with public institutions, to whose digital transformation certSIGN contributes to a great extent.

With the continuous development of the digitization process of companies’ activities, cyber threats to information are increasing. That is why certSIGN supports cyber security with a full range of innovative solutions and services dedicated to companies in need of IT systems protection, covering both data security (organisational, desktop and mobile security) and CSIRT service area (proactive and reactive security management services).

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certSIGN cybersecurity services and solutions cover all scenarios to protect digital assets from cyber threats, in line with current legislative regulations and best practices in the field.

Technologies for the future of mobility

At GoTech World, Continental will showcase products and technologies dedicated to the future of mobility and the automotive industry.

The company develops innovative technologies and services for the sustainable and interconnected mobility of people and their goods and provides safe, efficient, smart and affordable solutions for cars, cars, traffic and transport.

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Continental is contributing to the development of intelligent mobility in urban areas, and that means public transport equipped with cutting-edge technology. The company’s stand will also feature its new head-up combiner display, which Continental has adapted for trams and which projects information onto an external transparent screen in the driver’s field of vision. Not only can vehicle drivers see the road and the cockpit display simultaneously, the information also appears at what is perceived to be the same distance. What’s more: thanks to extremely powerful LEDs, Continental’s head-up display, which has already proven itself as a premium solution in the automotive sector, meets the highest standards in terms of light and image quality, even in bright sunshine.

GoTech World will also see the national premiere of digital solution launches

One of the mobility applications that will be launched for the Romanian market at GoTech World is Urbaniqe ( It will be downloadable from the AppStore and Google Play Store and is aimed at urban car fleets. With Urbaniqe, the smartphone becomes a revolutionary digital assistant, helping to save on fuel costs and freeing you from stressful fleet management, and also allowing you to travel in an eco-friendly way with just a few clicks.

Automated packaging pick-up systems for retailers

Among the technologies showcased at the GoTech World exhibition area stands is an extremely useful one, developed by Tomra, the global leader in automated packaging retrieval technology. Interested parties will be able to learn about the industry’s smallest automated packaging retrieval system, which has a footprint of just 0.6 square metres. It is capable of taking all three fractions of the guarantee-return system, regulated in Romania by a government decision in October 2021. Under this rule, consumers pay a 0.50 lei deposit when buying a drink in a shop. Once the drink has been consumed, in order to get their guarantee back, consumers will have to bring the empty packaging to a return point, where there is a system where they will be given back the amount of the guarantee.

The scheme includes primary disposable glass, plastic or metal drinks containers of between 0.1 and 3 litres. Romania’s guarantee-return system will represent a sustainable change in the way shoppers interact with retailers.

E-Commerce process solutions are also showcased at GoTech World. One of these is the platform, constantly tested, optimised and developed for use by non-technical users covering different areas of the market. It centralises and automates the activities of: listing products on the marketplace, generating invoices, issuing AWBs and synchronising stock and prices. The easySales SaaS platform follows the model of those abroad with obvious improvements for the Romanian market and merchant needs.
ANCOM comes to the event with a unique global tool

At GoTech World 2022, the application, developed by the National Authority for Administration and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM), will also be presented. This is a national interactive map where Romanians can check the areas where they have mobile signal and the operators with the best signal. It is a unique tool worldwide, developed and updated based on information from the field obtained by ANCOM teams. The map is updated annually, starting in May 2019.

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Solutions for the health sector

In Pavilion B1 of Romexpo, interested parties also have access to digital solutions for service providers and institutions in the healthcare sector during GoTech World days. One of these comes from the company and is called Medical Connector Suite. It is a DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) standard data communication solution with no file size restrictions. Thus, Medical Connector offers its users access to a network of specialists for sharing patient records, taking into account security regulations.

DICOM data and other attachments are constantly transferred and saved. Today, for medical professionals and patients alike, having an innovative product like Medical Connector is essential.

The face of the future in Retail, robotic solutions,

is being shown to us at GoTech World by Adapta Robotics who will be presenting ERIS, the retail robot that facilitates the transition to automation in this industry.

ERIS is designed to help solve price inconsistencies and out-of-stock issues, providing error identification and prevention, in-store. Semi-autonomous and permanently in collaboration with its human operator, the intelligent scanner for efficient retailing provides on-the-spot resolution of in-store problems. So it helps identify label errors, print and replace on the shelf immediately.

Romanian start-ups on the GoTech World stage

One of them is Smart Touch, which created the Apollo project. It is its first 100% developed product, which frees employees from manual, repetitive and demotivating tasks. Apollo is the most complex data capture, processing and exchange platform in intelligent document processing, a user-customizable platform. Powered by AI, self-service, code-free, intelligently processing multiple streams of different documents, Apollo will automatically extract, process, validate and exchange data across multiple organisations and their different systems.

Social life apps such as The Hug Shirt will also feature on the GoTech World stage.
The Hug Shirt is a shirt that allows you to send hugs remotely, as it features actuators that recreate the feeling of touch and the excitement of hugging a loved one anywhere in the world.

The Hug Shirt connects via your phone’s bluetooth via an app and records a hug as if recording a movie, then transmits the data over the network to the phone of the person you want to hug. You can also hug friends or relatives around the world in real time if all users have the HugShirt app open at the same time.

Innovation in cloud technologies

One of the world leaders in complete multi-cloud and multi-connectivity solutions exhibiting at GoTech World is M247. The services offered make the company the most innovative partner for growing businesses. That’s why the Romexpo event will create the opportunity for global hosting and cloud services provider M247 to showcase its market knowledge and the right technical solutions to interested businesses.

High quality WiFi solutions

Net Shape, one of the first companies in Romania to specialise in creating professional wireless infrastructures, is coming to GoTech World. Today the company’s focus is on advising and creating high-performance WiFi networks capable of operating at the highest security standards.

Net Shape is a distributor of Ekahau products and services, professional tools for planning high performance Wi-Fi networks. In addition, Net Shape’s new division created to support Green Energy projects offers planning and deployment solutions for photovoltaic panel systems and electric car charging stations. The company uses the latest MW radio and WiFi planning tools: ICS Telecom, Pathloss, InfoVista Mentum Ellipse, Ekahau Site Survey and has created wireless infrastructures for large companies such as Cisco, Vodafone, BitDefender, Global Convergence Inc, Hard Rock Cafe, Stabilus and Arca.

Attendance at GoTech World is based on a ticket that can be purchased directly from

Depending on the benefits an attendee receives, there are three categories of tickets: Standard Pass for €109, Content Pass for €279 and VIP Pass for €349. is a media partner of the event.

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