This is what we can expect to see in new technology by the end of 2024

Apple has big plans: In 2024 we will probably expect some new devices.

Apple has big plans: In 2024 we will probably expect some new devices.

Apple recently announced its new product for 2024: Apple Vision Pro – the first mixed reality glasses from the Californians.

Unsurprisingly, the manufacturer is also working on its existing products. These should receive an update this year or next.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman writes in the latest issue of his Power On newsletter which devices these could be.

iPhone 15, iPads, Apple Watch Ultra und neue iMacs

In the fall, the new iPhone 15 awaits us at the forefront. You can find all previous information about Apple’s upcoming flagship here:

iPhone 15: Release, prices, features – all information & rumours

In addition to the new smartphone series, two Apple Watch models and the second generation of the Apple Watch Ultra are to be presented.

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Apple is also said to be working on new MacBooks. Among other things, there should be a 13-inch Pro model. According to Mark Gurman, this device will feature the forthcoming M3 chipset.

The M3 Pro and M3 Max chips are to be installed in the new 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pros in 2024.

In addition to the Pro series, Apple is also said to have at least two new Air models in the works. The manufacturer recently added a 15-inch MacBook Air with an M2 chip to its portfolio.

The new iMacs could be much more interestingwhich according to the Apple insider are in development.

Two new desktop Macs are set to hit the market in 2024, including a 24-inch model and a 30-plus-inch iMac.

Most recently, the popular calculator was updated in 2021 and received the M1 chipset. Apple is now fully committed to its own ARM-based SoC.

For this reason, the two new iMacs will very likely be equipped with the upcoming M3 chips.

Apple’s iPads should also get an update. In addition to a new Air offshoot, there are rumors of two iPad Pros with an OLED screen.

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Sufficient power with M1 chip:

In early development: Apple Vision, Smart Display, AirPods Pro

Beyond the products mentioned above, Apple seems to be working on a whole host of other devices.

According to the Apple Insider, however, these are in a very early stage of development and will probably not be launched on the market until 2025.

These include at least two new mixed reality headsets, including the successor to the Vision Pro and a cheaper entry-level model.

Apple is also said to be working on other smart home devices, including a smart display and an improved Apple TV.

No new third-generation AirPods Pro will follow before 2025. Mark Gurman does not say a word in his newsletter about a successor to the AirPods Max.

Few should be surprised at what Apple is planning for 2023. Is there a specific product you are waiting for in 2024? Or are you not going to upgrade anytime soon? What do you think of an entry-level Vision Pro headset? Will you jump if the price and specs are right? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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