Extreme wide angle, natural photos and videos in 5K

It doesn’t matter whether you’re on a skiing holiday in the mountains, surfing in the sea or on a mountain bike in the forest – unique moments should be captured. And a GoPro is best for that. Amazon has the GoPro Hero 9 Black on offer just in time for the summer season. The action cam is currently 30% reduced there and costs €299. You’ll never miss the right moment to press record again!

Get the GoPro Hero 9 Black now at the best price on Amazon

GoPro Hero 9 Black: 5K-Videos & 20MP-Fotos

The small GoPro camera has been known for years for its robustness, even under the most adverse conditions. In the meantime, the quality of the recordings is really impressive. With the Hero 9 Black are 5K video recording at 30 frames per second or in 4K at 60 frames per second possible. You can also take photos with a resolution of 20 megapixels, and you even have access to a second display on the front for selfies.

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Image stabilization, slow motion & time lapse

In addition to a robust housing, the Hero 9 Black also has various software features. For example, impressive image stabilization that makes even your shakiest video recordings look buttery smooth. This technique not only benefits real-time recordings: Especially the breathtaking slow motion and time lapse benefit from the stable picture. For example, you can capture razor-sharp moments that actually only lasted a few seconds, and then enjoy them for minutes without worrying about shaky footage.

A tank with a touch screen

Only a few cameras are suitable for the best angles. The GoPro is known for its versatility. And not least thanks to their robust construction. The Hero 9 Black works perfectly even in 10 meters of water or buried in dirt and grime. So you get every shot, no matter how risky it is. Then you can simply send the recordings directly to your smartphone, where you can organize, edit and share them.

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Never miss the right moment again

Thanks to “HindSight” and “LiveBurst” you will never miss the right moment againto press the shutter button. HindSight records up to 30 seconds before you start recording, so you don’t miss a thing. And something similar works with pictures too: LiveBurst takes 1.5 seconds and after you press the shutter, it captures a lot of pictures, so you’re sure to catch the perfect moment.

Get the GoPro Hero 9 Black now at the best price on Amazon

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