Google Search has made a key improvement to the search experience

Google Search becomes easier to use for searches for something specific, with “” framing of search words or phrases ensuring that they are found marked in Bold in search results.

It seems trivial, but Google Search doesn’t clearly highlight the search phrase used when it appears in search results listings. Thus, you had to at least fleetingly read each result displayed to determine if and where the portion of text directly relevant to your search appeared.

Granted, the new functionality won’t appear for all Google Search searches either, but only those searches where you enclose part or all of the search phrase between the “” symbols, with only that portion of the text highlighted with Bold in the returned results. Otherwise, Google Search will work as before, returning multiple rows of results sponsored or auto-suggested by Google’s algorithms, followed by the information you searched for directly.

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The relevant detail is highlighted in the portion of text extracted directly from the web page, added below each result displayed in Google Search listings.

Google also explains why they’ve only now brought in this very useful addition: “In the past, we haven’t always done this because sometimes quoted material appears in areas of a document that don’t lend themselves to creating useful snippets.” “For example, a word or phrase might appear in the menu item of a page, where you navigate to different sections of the site. Creating a snippet around such sections might not produce a readable description.”

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After receiving feedback from users, Google decided it was better to show where the text appears in a cited search to give the user more context about where the word or phrase appears. That way, users can more easily decide if a result will help them.

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