Google Meet and Google Duo will be merged into one product. Which will disappear?

It’s not the first time the American giant has made such decisions, before Google Meet and Google Duo there were YouTube Music and Google Play Music, only one still exists today.

The funny thing is that Google was about to shut down Google Duo when it looked like the Google Meet alternative would take its place. Meanwhile, the two remained coexisting, serving categories of users with different expectations and interests. If only they knew exactly how Google intended the two products to be used.

For those who don’t know, Google Meet is the super-advanced video conferencing solution for corporate and their employees, who voluntarily or out of necessity end up attending the meetings held in the virtual space. Instead, Google Duo is the general-purpose solution you use when you just want to make a one-on-one video call with someone in your contacts without unnecessary hassle with invitation sessions for video conferencing.

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Realizing that the approach based on two services with different names is counterproductive, rather confusing users, Google decided to merge the two services into one product. Absolutely predictable, it will be named after the intense service promoted by the American company, Google Meet.

At least for now, Google Duo will not disappear, the application coexisting for a while with the alternative that will take its place, eventually being renamed using the new name.

As for Google Meet, it will simply take over Google Duo’s streamlined dialing as an alternative to video conferencing. Once accustomed to the new format, users have only one thing to gain by uninstalling another redundant application from their phone.

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