This scooter is better than anything you can rent!

The last sale of the year has begun on Amazon: you can get many products in the last minute offers Again extremely cheap and delivered before Christmas. Take advantage of your chance to get cheap Christmas presents like this high-quality e-scooter from NIU. The largest model in the series with the longest range is currently available on Amazon with a €200 discount!

Grab the high-end scooter with a €200 discount on Amazon

Maximum range for unlimited driving pleasure

With the improved battery of the NIU KQi3 Max e-scooter, you can rely on a generous range. A single charge gives you an impressive Range of up to 65 km.

Energy efficiency through regenerative braking

The e-scooter’s regeneration brake uses intelligent technology to expand your radius of action. Every time you brake, the battery is recharged directly, similar to premium sports cars recover kinetic energy. The result? Up to 600 km additional range per year, without additional charging.

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Powerful motor for effortless climbing

With the KQi3 Max’s powerful 450-watt rear wheel motor, you can easily tackle inclines of up to 25%. The 30% thicker and wider 9.5 inch pneumatic tires ensure a comfortable driving experience, even on uneven roads such as gravel, dirt and grass.

Flat tires are a thing of the past! The self-repairing tires automatically seal holes that could be caused by foreign objects such as screws or glass. This means you no longer have to worry about unexpected flat tires – just get on and go!

Optimal handling thanks to wider handlebars and footprint

The 25% wider handlebars and the 13% larger footprint of the NIU KQi3 Max e-scooter guarantee first-class handling. Drivers also come along higher body size will appreciate the extra comfort. The wider footprint also ensures stability and a safe driving experience, even at higher speeds.

Intelligent display and app connection for maximum control

With the LED display you always have everything important in view – from the real-time speed to the battery level to the light status. The iOS/Android app offers additional functionality including driving statistics, firmware updates and the ability to lock your NIU KQi3 Max. Everything to make your journey even more comfortable.

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Security day and night

The NIU KQi3 Max e-scooter attaches great importance to your safety. An ultra-bright halogen light, numerous reflectors and an eye-catching brake light ensure that you clearly visible even in the dark are. Your safety comes first!

Folding mechanism for easy carrying and storage

The patented folding mechanism of the NIU KQi3 Max e-scooter allows you to do so safely and easily Folding and unfolding. With just one movement you can easily transport your e-scooter without having to worry about accidentally opening it.

Double brake for maximum control

The patented double caliper brake made of die-cast aluminum alloy ensures extremely short braking distances and excellent heat dissipation. With the NIU KQi3 Max you always have maximum control over your vehicle, which offers you additional safety on the road.

Grab the high-end scooter with a €200 discount on Amazon

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