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After revealing the Google Cloud partnership with Coinbase, the tech conglomerate’s multinational holding company has announced the “Google Cloud Blockchain Node Engine” of the firm. While other blockchains will be supported, Google said that “Ethereum will be the first blockchain supported by Blockchain Node Engine.

Google launches cloud-based blockchain node engine.

Alphabet Inc, otherwise known as Google, revealed the company’s new strategy launched Google Cloud Blockchain Node Engine on Thursday. The reason why Google decided to release this engine is because it believes that “self-managed nodes are often difficult to deploy and require constant management.

The Blockchain Node Engine product is a “fully managed node hosting service“which can be used by crypto-currency companies and web service providers3. The company also said Thursday that the new node engine service will support the second-largest crypto asset network by market capitalization, Ethereum.

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Ethereum will be the first blockchain supported by Blockchain Node Engine, allowing developers to provision fully managed Ethereum nodes with secure access to the blockchain“, the technology company said in the recently published blog post.

The news follows Google’s recent partnership with Coinbase to drive Web3 innovation. Through the blockchain engine’s latest product, “Web3 businesses that need dedicated nodes can relay transactions, deploy smart contracts, and read or write blockchain data with the reliability, performance, and security they expect from Google Cloud computing and networking infrastructure“.

In addition, a study by Blockdata shows that Google is one of the main investors in blockchain technology, as it has invested in companies such as Fireblocks, Digital Currency Group (DCG), Dapper Labs and Vultage. The tech giant’s entry into the world of decentralized finance (defi) and Web3 was revealed last May when it formed a Web3 team within its cloud unit.

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We provide technologies that enable companies to use and leverage the distributed nature of Web3 in their current operations and businesses“, a Google spokesperson said at the time. The latest announcement of the Node Engine offering says the service aims to provide a “streamlined provisioning“, a “secure development” and “fully managed operations“.

By reducing the need for a dedicated Devops team, and offering Google Cloud’s service level agreement (SLA), Blockchain Node Engine can allow your team to focus on your users rather than your infrastructure“, concludes Google’s blog post. We look forward to supporting organizations with a reliable and easy-to-use blockchain node hosting service, so they can focus on innovating and scaling their Web3 applications.

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