Google is testing a potentially unnecessary change for the Chrome browser

Google Chrome has been using a “card” -based system for representing open tabs for some time, causing some confusion by dividing them into tab groups, which not all users know how to use.

Continuing the series of experiments, Google seems to want to combine the Discover section (which it has already integrated with the New Tab function) with the list of tabs that everyone knows. Thus, when you access the list of tabs, you would actually end up in the Discover section, where you will find the rarely interesting selection of news pre-selected by Google algorithms, the list of tabs actually becoming an awkward carousel to navigate, in which web pages are much more difficult to distinguish, appearing identified only with the logo of the site and the title of that page.

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However, the thumbnails generated by the content of the web page disappear, taking the users the main landmark that distinguishes the recently accessed web pages. Thus, if you do not know exactly what the title of the page and the logo of that site are, you may have a problem adjusting to the new carousel.

The good news is that the Google experiment is currently limited to a small group of users who have installed Chrome version 102.0.5005.78, and it remains to be seen whether Google will move forward with the new interpretation of the tab list.

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