Google is enhancing the YouTube experience using AI technologies

Google will complement video results returned from Google Search searches with a new “Search in video” feature, with AI-based analytics matching search terms to the position where the information is referenced in the YouTube video.

For some reason not very clear to the rest of the world, Google seems to have focused most of its experiments that promise to improve the quality of service offered in the India region. Perhaps the Indian background of the current CEO, Sundar Pichai, who has just hosted the annual Google for India conference, also plays a part. Among the news announced, we have new uses of artificial intelligence technologies that will assist searches for YouTube videos. So instead of just analysing the title and description of videos, the search engine will be able to extract information from their content.

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In the first stage, the “Search in video” option will only appear after conventionally performed searches, providing additional analysis of the video. The idea is to save users the effort of manually searching the video in an attempt to discover the exact moment when the searched information is presented. So with the “Search in video” option, all you have to do is type in keywords, and the AI automatically moves the playback position when they are detected. Obviously, the “Search in video” option will be strongly language dependent. So we should not expect immediate availability in all international languages.

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Another new feature is Google Courses, an initiative that encourages the creation and publication of free or low-cost, interactive school courses on YouTube. Creators will also be able to include PDFs, images and text documents in their courses.

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