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Google is celebrating the upcoming release of the latest Batman movie: what to do with Bat-Signal


DC fans can “turn on” Bat-Signal on Google, thanks to a new feature that is perfectly programmed for the launch of The Batman.

2022 seems to be a pretty massive year for DC’s most iconic hero. Next week, Warner Bros. will release The Batman, a new interpretation of a Bruce Wayne in his second year as Gotham Justice. Robert Pattinson plays Bruce in the movie and is joined by a host of other iconic DC characters.

You play Batman on Google

Based on early box office projections, Batman could be a real hit.

In honor of all the future content about Batman, Google has implemented something fun. If fans search for “Bruce Wayne”, “Gotham City” or “Bat-Signal” on the search engine, they can trigger a Bat-Signal animation that expands on the screen.

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Just click the small icon on the right side of the screen to see Batman hover over Google Search.

Screenrant notes that a Google spokesperson said that Warner Bros. is not behind this feature and that fans can enjoy it for a year.

Over the years, Google has implemented some fun animations for various searches, and this Bat-Signal trick is quite funny.

Batman has been around since 1939 and remains as popular as ever. Fans show no signs of getting tired of Batman.

All in all, this Batman craze won’t end any time soon. Batman director Matt Reeves has just confirmed that talk of a sequel has begun and that there are already two HBO Max spinoffs under development.

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In other words, Google has probably made a smart move to keep this animation for a year, and maybe even consider turning it into something permanent.

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