Google has announced the Pixel Tablet. It will be launched only in 2023 with Android 12L

Just a few years ago, Google announced that it was withdrawing from the tablet market. Following the success of the Nexus models, made in partnership with various partners, the American company failed to bring attractive models to market. The company’s last effort in this market segment was Pixel Slate, equipped with Chrome OS, which offered poor performance and came at too high a price. The new Pixel Tablet, leaked at Google I / O 2022, could be the tablet that Android fans have been waiting for since the Nexus 7.

Prior to the Pixel Tablet, Google did not have a successful Nexus 7 tablet

Google’s tablet efforts are now slightly higher than in the past. The company announced last year Android 12L, a version of its mobile operating system for devices with large screens. Thus, tablets and foldable phones will enjoy screen-adapted interfaces in different formats, and the new Pixel Tablet could be the demonstration that the platform needs to be successfully adopted by other manufacturers.

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The first images with the Pixel Tablet suggest that it will be a medium-sized model, positioned in the “premium” segment, according to the company. It adopts a “wide” screen format, not a square, like Apple’s iPad models, and the interface resembles Android 12 in a slightly larger and more airy format. Google will not focus on the integration of advanced cameras, with only one camera on the back and one on the front, which is central in landscape mode.

pixel tablet

The Pixel Tablet is designed specifically to communicate well with Pixel phones, and Google says it will be “the smartest tablet in the world.” Android’s AI features are likely to come in here. Even if we don’t know yet what internal hardware the new tablet will have, we can assume that it will use a variation of the Google Tensor chip.

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Unfortunately, those who were looking forward to a Google tablet with Android 12L will have to wait. Google has announced the tablet now, but expects to bring it to market only next year, in 2023. Until then, on Android, at least, Samsung models remain the only real alternative to Apple iPads.

source: Android Central

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