Google confirms dynamic color design for several phones on the Android 12 upgrade list

Although at the time of the unveiling of Android 12 it seemed that the most attractive news is reserved for the Pixel 6 series of phones, it seems that Google has returned to better thoughts, deciding to promote the new style of interface based on dynamic colors to as many devices as possible. existing or ready for launch in the near future.

Already offered on the new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 pro series, the Material You interface certainly has a major contribution to the Android 12 experience, but the style based on self-selected dynamic colors, using criteria such as the wallpaper set on the main screen of the phone, does not were officially requested at the time of the announcement of the new OS version.

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To make it easier to customize your devices and give you more diversity, the Android 12 theme engine extracts the basic color of the wallpaper set on the home screen and diversifies it into several related gradients, which are applied across the entire Android interface, including installed applications. At the basic level, we are talking about at least five tonal palettes that can be adapted on the fly – three accent palettes and two neutral ones. Arguing the need for a consistent experience, Google is already encouraging Android app developers to adapt their creations to the new interface style. At the same time, Google makes the granting of Android certification (required for Play Store access and the inclusion of the standard Google service package) conditional on the implementation of support for the Material You interface in dynamic colors on all Android phones and tablets ready from now on.

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Already, Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, OnePlus, vivo, Realme and the Indian brand Tecno have confirmed their alignment with the new requirements, but without assuming a concrete timetable.

android 12 material you gmail

Supporting the benefits of the new interface style using screenshots from the Gmail interface, Google shows how the same app can look substantially different on different manufacturers’ phones, adjusting only the base color of the default interface theme on that device.

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