Google confirmed the Pixel 7 series, but did not talk about the internal hardware

Google has made a strange decision at I / O 2022 regarding Pixel phones. Although it is in no hurry to launch any phones in May or even June, the company has shown no less than three models on stage. One is Pixel 6a, the phone he is only preparing for July, and the other two are Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, which we will receive only in the fall, probably in October.

Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro will have an iterative design

The two flagship phones of 2022 have not been presented in detail, but Google seems to want to bring information in official ways before they “escape” on the Internet on the “rumor exchange”. All of the company’s phones and products were previously leaked by “leakers”, and now Google can get ahead of them with the first information, with better control over the message.

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What we can see from this announcement is that the Pixel 7 series will keep the design lines of the Pixel 6 series, with a horizontal “viewfinder” on the back, where the cameras are housed. The novelty comes in the way the cameras are framed on this viewfinder, with individual cutouts for different rooms. Rather, it seems to be a natural evolution from year to year, as we see on Apple or Samsung models.

Pixel 7 back

The Pixel 7 will be equipped with two cameras, and the Pixel 7 Pro will integrate an extra camera, probably an optical zoom. Thus, the changes from one generation to another seem minor in this regard as well. However, the back will be matte, unlike the Pixel 6 variants, which used glossy glass, which will ensure a cleaner appearance when used without a cover.

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There has been no talk of internal hardware performance, but Google has said it will integrate the new generation of Tensor chips into new phones. They will probably be called Tensor 2 and will come with the usual year-to-year improvements. The phones will be launched with Android 13 and will receive three system updates and five years of security updates.

source: Android Central

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