Google Chrome without Lite Mode in the Android version

Google is preparing to withdraw Lite navigation from Chrome for Android, arguing that such a feature is no longer needed.

Introduced many years ago, the Data Saver feature (later renamed Lite Mode) was especially useful in situations with poor internet access (eg only 2G connection), or for users who need to use mobile internet services with very little traffic included (eg roaming). Meanwhile, the cost of mobile internet services has dropped worldwide, with situations where you risk being overcharged for simply accessing websites becoming increasingly rare. In addition, the technology used by mobile operators has evolved enough that situations with only 2G or 3G coverage in relays whose bandwidth is saturated with too many connections are rather rare.

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Used in Lite Mode, the Chrome browser directs sites accessed through a proxy server provided by Google itself, which is responsible for applying a compression algorithm that substantially reduces the amount of data transferred to display the page in the web browser.

We can only assume that this technology has become so rarely used that no one will mourn its absence. Instead, releasing application code from unpopular functionality could help increase overall performance, with Google preparing to make the leap to Chrome 100 for some time.

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