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Google Chrome will also allow you to restore recently closed tabs on Android


Highly appreciated by users of the PC version of the Chrome browser, the option to restore recently closed tabs will also be available in Google Chrome for Android, allowing you to resume accidentally closed browsing sessions (or not).

The smartphone version of the Chrome browser seems to have two major drawbacks. The first would be that the forward and back buttons are out of reach (the Back function is integrated with the Android key, and the Forward button is behind the main menu). The second shortcoming that seems to be solved now is the lack of a handy way to reset accidentally closed tabs, putting less experienced users in a position to search for that web address again.

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From now on, the Google Chrome version for Android will also have a “Recently closed” section, accessible from the History list (can be found in the main menu). All you have to do is choose the recently closed web pages you want to return to the tab list. For now, it’s not clear if restoring them will bring back “perishable” data, such as the text you filled out in the forms, or the exact position on the page you scrolled to before, but at least you can restore multiple tabs at once.

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For now, the new functionality is in the experimental stage and will be brought in the Chrome Canary edition, being expected in one of the future Chrome revisions.

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