Google brings Android 13’s photo selection menu to older generation phones too

While not all Android phones are getting upgraded to Android 13, Google will ensure that at least some of its features will be available to the rest of Android users.

So starting in November Google is rolling out an update to the Play System component that replaces the Photo Picker menu with the version developed for Android 13. But the list of improvements is longer than that, including optimizations for the Google Wallet app and more settings for parental controls, allowing access rights to be limited on Android phones.

The November 2022 update will allow users included under supervision using Parental Controls mode, but “without time restrictions” on how long they can use their phone, to make changes in the Clock app. Instead, all supervised users (including child accounts) are blocked from changing the if and time settings. Until now, this weakness could be exploited to trick parental time restrictions.

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Google also highlights an update to the “user education experience for new Android features”

One of the most exciting features coming with the Play System update is the new Android Photo Picker, which debuted with Android version 13 . The feature was first available on new-generation phones, such as the Pixel 7 series, but will now be available up to Android 4.4 KitKat.

On Google Wallet improvements, the changes allow for additional screens to be added in the event that more adjustments are needed with certain service providers. In addition merchants offering Google Wallet integration will have the ability to create a custom GPay button.

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