Google allows on-demand removal of Google Search links to your personal data

Under European law, Google now allows users to request that any references to personal data, such as their home address, email addresses, and phone numbers, be excluded from their Google Search listings. The measure also includes links to pages where such personal information is hosted.

Google’s new rules are intended to prevent the misuse of personal data, whether accidentally or intentionally, as a result of a computer attack.

It is well known that cybercriminals actively seek to obtain and exploit personal data, either through scams and computer attacks directed directly at the victim, or by using identity to facilitate other frauds and crimes.

Although, until now, you could request directly from Google to block personal data made public in the online space, the available options were limited to references to identity card, images containing your handwritten signature, documents related to your medical history, bank account and card details credit. From now on, you can request the removal of any personal data that you can prove to belong to you, including the login details posted on the internet as a result of security breaches.

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All you have to do is go to the Google Support page, where you’ll leave links to your personally identifiable information (up to 1000 links can be included in a single request). Once a Google employee verifies and approves your request, the specified links will be hidden from all search results lists. Important to know, the request does not imply the removal of this data from the third-party sites that host it.

The Internet is constantly evolving – with information appearing in unexpected places and being used in new ways – so our policies and protections must evolve as well.. ”

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In order to avoid attempts to abuse this service, Google states that it reserves the right to reject certain requests for the removal of links to content of public interest, or if information about others is also present.

When we receive removal requests, we will evaluate all content on the webpage to ensure that we do not limit the availability of other information that is generally useful, for example, in news articles.“The company said. “We will also assess whether the content appears as part of the public record on government or official sources’ websites. In such cases, we will not eliminate them. “

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