Get powerful M.2 NVMe SSD for PC & PS5 really cheap!

The WD_Black SN850 is currently available from Media Markt at a particularly low price. You can get it 57 percent below the recommended retail price, so the 1 TB M.2 NVMe gaming SSD for PC and PS5 no longer costs 209.99 euros, but instead only €89.99 costs! However, you must hurry! The offer is only valid for one more day.

Buy inexpensive NVMe SSDs from Media Markt

What the SSD can do

Here you get an SSD that is ideal for use in the PC, but also the functions of the Playstation 5 can be optimally used. It ensures shorter loading times and improved in-game streaming of textures in both systems.

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This is due to the particularly high write and, above all, read speeds of the hard disk. It reaches speeds of up to 5300 MB/s when writing and up to 7000 MB/s reading. With this you can almost completely say goodbye to waiting times when playing games, and your PC will also start up faster if you have installed your operating system on the hard drive.

With this SSD, you not only have extra storage space to install even some of the biggest games, you can also do them play much smoother than, for example, on a conventional HDD or a Sata SSD. Some games such as Star Citizen even require an SSD these days so that you can play them without stuttering! A PCI Express 4.0 connection or a PS5 with firmware version 21.02-04.00.00 or higher is required to use the SSD.

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To the offer at Media Markt

Which SSDs are still recommended?

While it’s difficult to beat such a heavily discounted SSD model in terms of value for money, you should still take a look at the buying guide. This way you can find out which SSDs are still available and which ones are best for yours individual scope are suitable.

For more exciting offers, take a look at the ticker. There you will find them best tech and gaming dealsfor example to upgrade your PC or to enrich your life with high-tech.

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