Germany and France present Serbia with a new proposal for resolving the Kosovo dispute

The president of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, has revealed this Saturday that Germany and France have transferred to him a new proposal for “an immediate and definitive solution” to the dispute over Kosovo, ‘de facto’ independent from Belgrade since 1998.

“Last night I had a two-hour conversation with representatives of (German Chancellor) Olaf Scholz and (French President) Emmanuel Macron in which they conveyed to me a proposal that should lead to an immediate and definitive solution, as they say, to the problems we face and the outstanding issues concerning Kosovo. Needless to say, it was not easy at all”, Vucic explained this Saturday at a press conference reported by the B-92 radio station.

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Vucic stressed that these are “the most powerful countries in Europe” and that “they believe that new conflicts are not good.” “The big Western powers want to solve these problems because there is a war in Europe.” “In Serbia we may not understand it, but if there is an agreement for a solution it avoids the possibility and it would be much easier to respond to the president of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, about the legal precedents and the independence of Kosovo,” he has pointed out.

“So in all this we have become collateral damage of the conflicts of the great powers and their past behavior,” Vucic has remonstrated. “Then they would say that a solution to the conflict in Ukraine is possible only if Crimea and Ukraine reach an agreement,” he has pointed out.

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Serbia, a historical ally of Moscow, is the only Balkan country that has not aligned itself with the European sanctions for the invasion of Ukraine, although the country has denounced the Russian military attack in votes at the United Nations.

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