Twitter details how editing tweets works: maximum of 5 changes within 30 minutes

Added in response to requests from users over the years, the option to edit tweets comes with some pretty strict limitations, however, as Twitter wants to ensure that the introduction of this feature does not compromise the credibility of the messaging platform.

According to critics, the ability to alter the message of tweets already posted erodes one of the basic pillars of trust in the micro-blogging platform. Namely that an already distributed piece of information can no longer be altered from its original form. And there are many cases where a simple “typo” slipped into a tweet distributed from a well-known user’s account has been the starting point for heated controversy and even news stories on media platforms.

Addressing users’ fears, Twitter administrators decided to offer this feature only under clearly defined limits, which ensure that a tweet that has gone viral cannot have its content changed. Thus, the option to edit tweets is available for only 30 minutes after the initial publication and limited to 5 successive edits. In addition, there will be a history of all changes made, permanently displayed next to any tweet that has been modified from its original form.

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According to the platform administrators, the current implementation of the edit option should be sufficient to fix any spelling errors or errors in the information delivered with the tweet.

Important to know, to be able to edit your tweets that are wrong or have become “awkward” in the meantime, you have to pay a subscription fee of $4.99 per month, corresponding to the Twitter Blue package. The good news is that the premium package comes with other benefits. For example, you can save various Tweets in lists called “collections”, which can be organised by category. That way, you’ll be able to quickly go back to specific posts on the social network. Then you have access to customise your profile colour and the icon displayed in your phone’s menu. There’s a limited selection of colours for personalisation: six for the profile and eight coloured icons.

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Also on the list of benefits is Undo Tweet, which lets you quickly delete a tweet if it was sent by mistake.

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