George RR Martin slaps Marvel: what to expect from the future collaboration

Well-known and beloved writer, George RR Martin, returns to the public’s attention with a new collaboration that could, in the future, take the form of a huge success.

Specifically, George RR Martin will work with Marvel to “give birth” to a new series of comics. And if we take into account the fact that both RR Martin and Marvel have charisma in the public eye, the “child” between the two could obviously become the new star of the niche fans.

We have to admit that if we look a little deeper, we will notice that Marvel fans have always had something in common with those of George RR Martin, so joining is auspicious in this context.

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George RR Martin’s success is not limited to “Game of Thrones”

Even though the phenomenal serial film, “Game of Thrones,” ended in 2019, RR Martin goes further and signs contract after contract.

About a year ago, the writer signed an extremely lucrative contract with HBO, on account of which the television channel received the right to develop new and new TV programs, inspired by the writings of RR Martin. It is suspected that the value of this contract could be between 40 and 70 million dollars.

We are talking, in this case, among others, about “Who Fears Death”, an adaptation of a novel written by Nnedi Okorafor, but also by “Roadmarks”, after a novel written by Roger Zelazny, in 1979. George RR Martin will fulfill, in in the case of the two productions, the role of executive director.

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In fact, he is no stranger to HBO. The author’s first collaboration with the television giant came in 2007 when “A Song of Ice and Fire” was transformed into “Game of Thrones,” which later became HBO’s most successful series. one of the most beloved of all time.

It remains to be seen what form the new collaboration with Marvel will take, and whether comics inspired by the author’s mind will succeed in “breaking the ice.”

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