Gaming: Sony patents NFT transfer system

The giant Sony has filed a patent to protect a system for transfer from NFT from video games between different consoles.

Submitted in 2021 and published this month, the patent filed by Sony Interactive Entertainmenta subsidiary of the Japanese conglomerate Sony, describes systems to allow gamers to transfer non-fungible tokens between consoles but also games.

In some applications such as computer/video games, an NFT may represent artwork or an in-game asset (such as a character or weapon), but current systems are technologically inadequate for the owner to use the asset across different games and/or platforms,” the company explains in its filing.

The maker of the popular home console Playstation wishes to bring theinteroperability in the gaming experience. Gamers could also transfer NFTs to consoles of other brands, including Xbox, or mobiles.

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Aside the recent creation of an incubator with the blockchain startup AstarSony has so far stayed away from Web3 technologies such as NFTat least publicly.

The Japanese multinational has filed several patents in this area in recent years. At the end of 2022, it published a patent for an infrastructure capable of “tracking digital assets in video games using blockchain technology”.

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