Hack: Arcadia Finance protocol loses over $450k

The decentralized finance protocol Arcadia was the victim of a hacking. The losses are estimated at close to half a million dollarsaccording to PeckShield.

This early Monday morning, PeckShield reported that. Arcadia Finance had been attacked not only on Ethereum but also on Optimism. The DeFi protocol lost the equivalent of around 455,000 in tokens, according to the cybersecurity and blockchain startup.

The piracy was quickly confirmed by the principal concerned. In a first tweet, Arcadia Finance said being aware of a exploit potential. “We have suspended contracts and are investigating the root cause with security experts,” the team behind the service informed DeFi.

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The project later added contact and work with competent authorities to try to recover the stolen funds.

Arcadia is a decentralized margin “which allows traders and LPs to lend, borrow and exchange digital assets in a permissionless way.

PeckShield specified that the attack had been permitted because of a ” unreliable input validation “which was exploited to steal funds from the darcWETH and darcUSDC safes.

In addition, there is a lack of reentrance protection, allowing instant liquidation to bypass the safe’s internal health check,” the company said.

The attacker has already transferred some of the funds to the popular cryptocurrency blender Tornado Cash.

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