Games to be turned into TV series – Part 2 -.

We’re back with some more games that need to be adapted into TV series, but you can read the first article here!

Games that need to be adapted into TV series - Part 2

Grand Theft Auto

This is low-hanging fruit and something fans have wanted to see for years. A movie about Grand Theft Auto and specifically the fifth game in the series would be an incredibly popular adaptation, but what if you dreamed even bigger and made an entire TV series from start to finish? A mammoth project, of course, but what a masterpiece it would be and what a cast list you could put together. Michael Mann is producing and Martin Scorsese is directing. Rugged guys who have been there before and made gangster stuff and heist movies with verve. Tarantino plays guest roles in the Trevor episodes, where things should really get out of hand.

For casting, you could have Walton Goggins as Trevor, as psychotic and brilliantly insane as Boyd Crowder in Justified. Pedro Pascal could be our Michael. Pascal is hot right now and might as well bring that star power to the series. They don’t look exactly alike, but neither do Joel and Pascal. No, he would be great as the middle-aged man with questionable morals and colorful shirts and then Michael B. Jordan could shine as Franklin. The kid with the big heart who wants to break the law but doesn’t like to see anyone get hurt.

In addition to GTA V, we could also see an adaptation of Tommy Vercetti from Vice City. Here I imagine Robert Pattinson. Tall and stately, charismatic, deadpan and dry, just like Vercetti. Indeed, Niko Belic is already based on Vladimir Mashkov’s character in Behind Enemy Lines from 2001, but if truth be told, it is dedicated to Jason Statham. It’s a role he calls in every day of the week. Claude is a bit harder to cast in the third game, after all, he is a pixilated gentleman from the past but Rami Malek would be no cat’s paw.

Games that should be turned into TV series - Part 2


There’s already a movie on the way, but I honestly didn’t have high hopes for the Netflix adaptation of Francis Lawrence. No, instead I would have liked to have seen a miniseries here, from Craig Mazin. The creator of Chernobyl and The Last of Us knows how to make a great and shocking story dark and emotional. In his hands, 8-10 episodes could have been something extraordinary, an experience we wouldn’t soon forget. And since Mazin will soon also be involved in an incident involving a golf club, I mean why not another incident?

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Games that should be turned into TV series - Part 2

Detroit Become Human

David Cage’s vision of the future is perfect for a TV series. Well, actually it is Ray Kurzweil’s vision, since the play is largely based on the novel The Singularity Is Near, but either way, I say that in the right hands there is every possibility for greatness here. An emotional neo-noir thriller with plenty of story twists that could be turned visually into a veritable wet dream by some creative master, someone like Denis Villeneuve. After all, it’s not that far removed from Dune, Arrival and Blade Runner. Taron Egerton as Connor, Jennifer Lawrence as Kara. After all, Jesse Williams, who is the voice of Markus, is a fairly gifted actor, with nearly 300 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy under his belt, so he may stick around. Nick Offerman, of course, could be a great Hank, but could also join Jeff Bridges here if needed. There is also the chance of Clancy Brown returning as the character.

Games to be turned into TV series - Part 2


Here I see a production that transcends all boundaries. Like the games, the goal is to be forever exiled from as many parts of the planet as possible. Not a successful business idea perhaps, but that’s how it can be sometimes and Rockstar can still afford to do this for me. What you lose on the swings you make up for on the carousels and so on. But here we are talking about a pervasive atmosphere that makes the blood freeze and the already weak psyche crack. Grindhouse galore.

Lite Motel Hell, part The Last House on Dead End Street. Saw, Inn. Movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre must feel like a children’s party by comparison. All my darkest desires and deepest abysses are there to be embraced. In the role of James Earl Cash, I imagine someone who is really cocky, has a short fuse and is extremely violent. Preferably a man who constantly refuses to let go of the refrigerator. Welcome Jon Bernthal! As Piggsy, the cannibalistic, pig-headed mass murderer, there is no doubt about it, John Cena. David Fincher, Eli Roth and Ari Aster share directorial duties, for a truly dark and disturbing atmosphere.

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Games to be turned into TV series - Part 2

Dead Space

There was a rumor that John Carpenter would be involved in a movie about Dead Space, which later turned out to be false, but it would have been something anyway. But we think a TV series could do even better. It would be a painfully claustrophobic show, with sudden death always waiting around every corner. A terribly sweaty experience, not seen since Alien. Trapped, hunted and alone. Cold, damp and drenched in blood. Michael Fassbender as Isaac Clarke you say? Yes, why not. After all, he’s hung out in alien environments before, and even if the recorder doesn’t come along this time, maybe he can turn off Take Me Home Country Roads while aliens are slaughtered in the narrow corridors.

Games to be turned into TV series - Part 2

Assassin’s Creed

However, the aforementioned Fassbender will not be around when Assassin’s Creed finally gets redemption in the form of a real blockbuster. We must forget the horror of an adaptation released seven years ago in which nothing worked and Fassbender was the most tired hitman ever. It’s time to fix that now with a comprehensive story, from ancient Greece 430 BC all the way to Victorian London in the late 19th century. Probably at least ten seasons and billions of dollars in budget.

There would obviously be a huge ensemble involved, with characters also gradually aging through the various parts. Ezio Auditore da Firenze, for example, is in his late teens in Assassin’s Creed II and middle-aged in Brotherhood, so there’s a challenge in casting, and there are also both male and female protagonists to choose from in the last three games, so the creators have to decide which Eivor to take on the journey, but my goodness what an epic adventure this could be. It’s enough to make you reach for the smelling salts just thinking about it.

Did we miss any games? What do you think could make a great TV series?

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