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Galaxy S21 series phones can no longer accept calls and SMS messages after the latest Android patch


Regularly distributed to correct security flaws with major risk of device infection, firmware updates delivered to Galaxy S21 phones have left some users unable to answer voice calls and receive SMS messages.

The list of affected devices includes Galaxy S21, S21+, S21 Ultra and S21 FE (Fan Edition) phones.

The issue only manifests itself after applying the latest Android security patch, labeled July 2022. While it should have no effect on the basic functionality of the devices, that patch appears to interfere with the calling function, preventing voice calls from being answered. At the same time, it appears that SMS messages are also no longer properly received, leaving the affected devices basically unusable, if we are strictly referring to the basic functionality of a mobile phone.

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Suggested solutions include resetting network settings, force-cleaning the cache partition, removing/inserting the SIM card, etc. By far the most “effective” solution seems to be resetting the phone to factory settings. The problem is that the option comes with the disadvantage of deleting all files saved in the phone’s internal memory and returning the Android experience to the level of a Samsung phone fresh out of the box.

The problem is that without the aforementioned “nuclear” option, unlucky people who experience this bug are left with nearly unusable phones. Among the “workarounds” proposed by Google’s contracted service center employees we also have the “Airplane” option disabled, in case the setting is mistakenly checked.

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