France to reinforce its military presence on NATO’s eastern flank

French Armed Forces Minister Sébastien Lecornu announced Tuesday that France will reinforce its defensive capabilities on NATO’s eastern flank due to Russia’s recent “violent” attacks against Ukraine.

In this regard, Lecornu has specified that France will deploy “a reinforced company of armored infantry fighting vehicles” in Romania, as well as a squadron of Leclerc tanks, as reported by ‘Le Monde’ newspaper.

“We will continue to strengthen our defense posture in Lithuania,” he said on the sidelines of a hearing at the Senate Foreign and Defense Committee, adding that Rafale aircraft will also be deployed, as well as “a company of light squadrons” by next November to ensure defense in Lithuania.

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The decision was taken Monday night by French President Emmanuel Macron at the proposal of the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces in the face of recent events on Ukrainian soil, as picked up by the BFMTV channel.

Romania, a member of the Atlantic Alliance since 2004, shares about 530 kilometers of border with Ukraine, the scene of war since the Russian invasion announced in late February by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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