France opens the door to the expulsion of any foreign citizen who has committed serious crimes

French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said Saturday that the government is studying the possibility of facilitating the expulsion from the country of “any foreigner who has committed serious acts” by lifting age restrictions in this regard.

“We want to allow the expulsion of any foreigner found guilty of a serious act by the courts, regardless of his status of presence on the national territory,” he made known in an interview granted to ‘Le Monde’.

The minister has recalled right now a foreign citizen is not deportable if he meets certain conditions, such as arriving on French territory before the age of 13, a limitation that Darmanin wants to eliminate.

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The government intends to integrate this provision in the future law of orientation and programming of the Ministry of the Interior (Lopmi), which will be presented at the end of the summer.

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