Foundation update for city builder and puzzle game TerraScape now live – That’s Gaming

Independent German developer Bitfall Studios, in cooperation with publisher Toplitz Productions, has announced today’s release of the FOUNDATION update for sandbox city builder/puzzle game TerraScape.

The update adds new content that completes the Foundation update for the game’s current milestone and includes four new merged buildings in the form of Mining Enclave, Fish Farm, Vineyard and Forest Settlement. In addition, Bitfall Studios has also introduced new Action Cards, a type of card to which a specific effect or action is attached. In TerraScape, players can earn several new and unique Action Cards with special strategic values, such as generating new resources.

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The FOUNDATION update is also rounded out by map overlays, which allow players to clearly see the surface of their world and building locations. The overlays can also help players find valuable resources and open tiles in their growing kingdom.

“The FOUNDATION update for TerraScape gives players more ways to maximize their score, and the new merged buildings also provide a strategic scoring option and add to the visual aesthetic of the game,” said Nico Pattmann, co-founder and CEO of Bitfall Studios GmbH.

Further feature enhancements are planned, with new maps, challenges, modes and buildings that Bitfall Studios will integrate during early access later this year, as described in the product roadmap. The next major feature update is the meta update that introduces cooperative multiplayer and even more decks.

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