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Ford is taking drastic measures: what happens to production


While everyone expects the global chip crisis to ease in the second half of the year, managing supply disruptions due to limited supply is becoming increasingly difficult these days.

Ford knows this very well because the company has just announced a number of new temporary production adjustments at its North American plants. The reason is very simple: the global shortage of semiconductors makes it impossible for the American giant to maintain production, so it has no choice but to temporarily stop operations at certain units until the inventory is restored.

Two different assembly plants will be shut down this week.

The first is the Oakville factory, where Ford produces the Ford Edge and Lincoln Nautilus. The second is the Louisville assembly plant in Kentucky and responsible for the production of Ford Escape and Lincoln Corsair.

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The semiconductor crisis is present all over the world

Both factories will stop production for a whole week, all operations will return to normal next Monday.

Meanwhile, Ford is trying all sorts of strategies to deal with the limited supply of chips that still affect car production, not only in the US but in the rest of the world.

The American company is trying to prioritize the production of its best-selling models, including Mustang and F-150. In other words, the existing chip inventory is geared towards completing orders for these models, and in theory, this means that waiting times for certain Ford vehicles could be substantially reduced.

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But on the other hand, if you ordered a Ford car that is not labeled as a high priority product, the waiting time could be substantially longer. In some cases, customers wait up to 12 months for their cars to be shipped, but given that the chip deficit could be alleviated later this year, the waiting time should not increase that much.

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