Fool? Twitter will also keep the wrong tweets, even if you correct them

Adding more and more to what seems like an April Fool’s hoax, Twitter reiterates the coveted option, which allows you to edit posts already distributed on Feed.

We have as an example many famous cases, in which politicians gave wrong or wrong statements on Twitter, without the possibility of correcting the mistake made, the administrators of the messaging platform had every reason to get along with privileged users, possibly famous. They just didn’t make it to the end.

The main argument against editing already distributed tweets was that the measure would make it easier to distort the initial information, while questioning the credibility of the published tweets.

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In the end, the administrators of the platform seem to have found an intermediate solution, consisting in accommodating the editing function, only that all the changes made remain saved in a permanent history, accessible to anyone who is curious to activate the bookmark added to each Tweet.

Specifically, whenever you edit an already published tweet, all you have to do is create a new Tweet that is attached to the original one, all revisions appearing instead of the original message, but firmly attached to it.

Through the chosen strategy, Twitter administrators elegantly solve the problem of distorting information, ensuring that anyone who sees an edited tweet will also have access to the initial post.

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Admittedly, blunders by celebrities will no longer have the same impact, as the original post may be revised as soon as it is published.

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