Milady NFT price soars after Elon Musk tweet

Following a tweet d’Elon Musk including a image of a NFT Miladythe collection from PFP tokens has seen its floor price strongly increase. The volume of sales at the same time reached a record level.

On Wednesday, the collection of NFT Milady Maker received the blessing ofElon Musk. A little before 6 pm, the American billionaire posted a message on Twitter referring to the series of digital tokens with lo-fi anime style.

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Following the tweet, the floor price of chips Milady quickly gained about 50% à 5.7 ETHaccording to data provided by Coingeckobefore falling back around 4.8 ETHstill up nearly 30% over 24 hours at the time of publishing this article.

At the same time, the sales volume of Milady has reached a level record with nearly 10 million dollars on Wednesday, according to the tracker Cryptoslam.

Launched in the summer of 2021 by the collective Remilia, Milady Maker takes the form of 10,000 PFP based on the Ethereum blockchain network.

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Despite its cute and innocent side, the collection has been at the center of controversiesaccused in particular of making the apology of the racism through some visuals. One of its creators with a troubled past, Charlotte Fang aka Charlemagne, had been forced to leave the ship last spring.

With its 139 million Twitter followers, Elon Musk regularly propels the price of certain digital assets higher, particularly Dogecoin (DOGE).

Su Zhuthe co-founder of the now defunct hedge fund 3AC, is also a supporter of the Milady project.

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