First Blood now available via Steam Early Access – That’s Gaming

Independent development studio Insane Dreamers has announced that Mercenaries of the Kingdom: First Blood, a party-based rogue-lite RPG, will be released today in Early Access on Steam.

In Mercenaries of the Kingdom: First Blood, you take on the role of a mercenary facing a formidable, unknown enemy force. To survive, you must recruit, feed, equip and train mercenaries using coins and loot from enemies.

The game offers two modes: Quick Run for a simpler experience and Story mode with more complexity, including basic management and crafting. There are six races, 12 magical knowledge types, more than 210 weapons, 650 armor components and various magical items.

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In Story mode, you can personalize your mercenary group, devise battle strategies, confront a diverse array of more than 140 enemies and participate in base building, crafting and soldier instruction while struggling with the possibility of permanent character loss.

The developer plans to improve the Early Access version by further developing the Story Mode and improving the quality of the Quick Run Mode. Currently, the Quick Run mode is fully playable, challenging players to survive against waves of enemies using equipment acquired through loot.

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