Immutable prepares to launch zkEVM mainnet

The gaming web3 project Immutable has published a roadmap for its new layer2 zkEVM. The mainnet should be launched between December and next january.

Unveiled last spring and powered by Polygon, Immutable zkEVM will enable developers of blockchain games to offer a better experience to their users.

This Thursday, Immutable went back over the future launch of the solution, whose testnet has been online since August 2023.

More than 50 games have already committed to Immutable zkEVM and here’s what the path to mainnet looks like.” wrote the startup on X.

For the moment, Immutable is re-genesizing the testnet.

Immutable zkEVM will upgrade the first EVM client on the Polygon Edge chain to Geth,” she explained, noting that the change was intended to ensure that layer2 “remains as close as possible” to Ethereum while being fully compatible with the L1 blockchain toolset.

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Immutable goes on to say that mainnet (main network) of zkEVM is scheduled to open between December 2023 and January 2024.

Once the channel is ready, Immutable will invite developers before welcoming the public,” she added.

Subsequently, the company plans to offer dedicated application chains with the same technology stack and capabilities as Immutable zkEVM, but offering “unique levels of customization”.

Finally, it will introduce “zk-prover”, which will enable L2 to become truly “zk EVM” and provide a “trustless bridge” from Ethereum to Immutable zkEVM.

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